TRADES! Last push for the playoffs

Currently sitting at 6-5 in my half ppr 14 man league. Thinking about sending Traquan and Michel for Chubb. Thoughts? Additional suggestions?

My team (6-5):
Rivers, Lamar
Michel, Lindsay, R. Freeman, Ito, Yeldon
Diggs, Juju, Baldwin, juju, Watkins, Smith, MVS

His team (9-1):
Gurley, Chubb, Clement, Brieda, Drake
Hill, C. Davis, Crabtree, D. Jackson

Ended up getting Joe Mixon from someone else.

Thoughts on that one?

who did you trade to get mixon?

Michel and Baldwin

Nice job, thats a great trade

I like it. Patriots runners have never been cosistent and ive never been a baldwin fan. Good come up. was it a 2 for 1?

ive been trying to get help for a trade im about to pull. Hes offering Jarvis Landry for Gus Edwards straight up.

Yea man. I tacked Baldwin on there because I’ll realistically never play him. I’d rather have Mixon being a workhorse than Michel splitting with White.

agreed. i have a trade question needing answered. go search my thread Gus Edwards for Jarvis Landry

CEGORELICK thanks, im leaning that way

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