Trades Question

I have Melvin Gordon, someone offered me Devonta Freeman and Brandin Cooks for him. idk what I do.
I like the trade but freeman has been pretty awful as of late. what does everyone here think?

What does the rest of your roster look like? Who would you have paired with Freeman if you got rid of Gordon? And would Cooks + whoever else you have make up for the loss of average Gordon is giving you? Assuming a non-PPR, he’s averaging 15+ points over his 8 weeks of play. Freeman is down around 11. Cooks is, depending on your league, under 10 points a game. It depends on what you would be replacing with bringing in Cooks. If you can replace a guy that’s only averaging 5 or so points a game, sure.

agree w/ jarmo. look at who you are playing w/ gordon right now and how big of boost cooks would be minus the difference of gordon over freeman (which may not remain, freeman is dinged up but if healthy i think should be failry even w/ him)

my RB’s Hunt Gordon Elliot morris/McFadden alex Collins
WR julio jones Amari cooper amendola Garcon
TE Zach Eartz Jordon Reed
Its a 1/2 ppr 4 person keeper.

how does the keeper portion work (by round selected, or you just keep 4 guys and then do a draft from there)?

just keep four then draft.