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Trading #1 pick


Just been offered AJ Green & Whitney Mercilus for the number 1 overall this year. Was planning on taking Corey Davis with the pick. Should I accept/reject or try and push for Mike Evans/Thomas?

Full PPR scoring


I value the #1 as a late 2nd/early 3rd startup pick. If you would take AJ before then, and can wait for Corey to develop, than it would make sense


Maybe get a compensatory pick back as well


Thanks for the advice Dave. There was a little complication in the post being published and I ended up getting a little trigger happy. Ended up #1 pick for Green, Mercilus and a 10th round pick by default.

Hoping that Green will remain an Elite option for 3-4 years. He’s been pretty consistent over the years minus last seasons injury.


You did the right thing. Green is and will be elite for 4 years. Corey davis may only be at that level for 3. And thats if he doesnt bust.