Trading 2020 1.04

I’ve been offered three trades so far for my 1.04.

  1. Lamar Jackson

  2. Diggs and Mack

  3. Montgomery and Corey Davis

Do you guys think I’d be getting to much value with the Diggs trade in return, or should I try to squeeze a little more out of the Lamar owner?

1 is instant for me

2 I would still do happily

3 I would decline.

I value the 1.04 at about the 60th overall player in dynasty. Considering all three of Jackson, diggs and Mack are above that, they are all great deals.

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Unless this is super flex, i am only looking at #2. that said i would rather the 1.04. imho i would not pay up for lamar but i do not know your team construct. i know this is not standard advice but there you have it! Hope it helps.

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