Trading A.B. for Saquon?, Mixon/Fournette injured

So i have mixon and fournette both got injured, i have lamar miller, AP, T.Yeldon available on my roster got offered a trade of Saquon and Sony Michel for A.B. seems like a dumb move but idk, hurting for RBs.
WRs are A.B, D.Adams, K.Cole, R.Woods, M.Goodwin (injured), A.Jeffery (injured), and Sammy Watkins

Also should I drop any of these guys for M.Breida or A.Ekeler?

You’re tilting… Antonio Brown is the very best WR. Saquon is experiencing some rough sledding with a lame Eli Manning and an even more lame Giants O-line. I decline this trade 100 out of 100 times. I also don’t see anyone on your squad I would drop for those guys you mention and based on them being available they probably will be another time, or at least Ekeler will be. Breida might be with a snag if you can afford to drop a less meaningful player than the ones you listed!

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How do you feel about Goodwin? should I just wait out the injury? Also have Jeffery who’s injured, just tough to work around, and I feel like I shouldn’t be dropping anyone else. I’m currently 0-2

Shop both Jeffery and Goodwin you need to win so don’t sit on players you can’t play. You don’t want to drop them and get no value so see if you can’t go and trade and get value! I liked Goodwin going into the season. Tough to see him get injured.

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