Trading AB or Julio. Advice needed!

Hi - I’m in a 10 team half PPR, 2QB / 3WR keeper league. I have Antonio brown and Julio Jones but need help in RB. I have Melvin Gordon but then Connor and Yeldon, both with potential expiration dates. I’m 6-0 so trying to think ahead too. Would you:

  1. Antonio brown for Kareem hunt?
  2. Julio + Watson for McCaffrey + Bortles?

My team
QB: Big Ben, Watson, beathard
WR: AB, Julio, josh Gordon, marquis goodwin
RB: Melvin gordon, James Conner, Yeldon, Ekeler


Any advice?? I’m now even considering Julio for David Johnson since yeldon May soon be even less useful (I’m trying to avoid dealing AB but AB for Hunt May be my best bet…)