Trading advice please

So I am the Andrews luck owner, and the qb position hasn’t been good to me. I have the opportunity to trade for Cam Newton. And the trade would go like this. I would give demarco and Kamara for Joe Mixon and Newton. I have at rbs: fournette, Abdullah, Doug Martin, demarco, kamara, and Matt Breida. What do y’all think?

I like that trade.

Cam seems to be coming to life and I think Mixon will do well the rest of the season as a consistent fantasy starter.

You are well off with Fournette and Martin and AA anyway

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I don’t dislike the trade. You’re def set at RB, but I feel like Cam is to inconsistent historically to be worth an RB 1. For example, I grabbed Wentz and Smith off waivers in two different leagues last week which costed me nothing. I just feel like you can get more for Murray than Newton although Mixon is an upgrade over Kamara.