Trading advice - Trading Melvin Gordon

Team A:
Melvin Gordon
Rex Burkhead

Team B:
Kareem Hunt
Joe Mixon

I have Gordon team, considering trading for Hunt and Mixon (Mixon due to miss a few games). I would still have T. Coleman and M. Breida as RBs.

Based on the fact that you have Gordon and Coleman as your 2nd RB for season long I would probably do it. Coleman will be a great fill in for a few weeks while Mixon is out. It will make your team worse for a few weeks but once Mixon is back I feel like you’ve upgraded. I also believe Burkhead will lose the majority of his role at some point to Michel. We may have even seen the beginning of that this week.

Until Michel fumbles :stuck_out_tongue:

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Kareem Hunt owner is considering. I got another offer from a different league mate:

My Melvin and Burkhead for his Jordan Howard and Fournette.

I would stick with Gordon and Burkhead. I like the Howard and Fournette trade better than the Hunt and Mixon deal though.

Even in half PPR?