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Tyreek Hill and Aaron Jones are being offered for Julio Jones and Jason Witten. I have a Cameron’s Brate as my other TE. Could use Aaron Jones as a Rb

if you need the RB help im actually ok with this trade. jones seems to be the real deal and Hill continues to get it done. He is very boom or bust but so far he has been fine. Julio is obviously best player in this trade but something is off with the Falcons this year and I think you are getting decent value back. This is of course if you are planning on starting Jones each week. If he is not an every day starter for you then no.

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Some help using trade values for week 8
second number is for ppr

Aaron Jones, GB 12 14
Tyreek Hill, KC 13 15

Julio Jones, ATL 30 33

witten under 6 not on list

Pure value perspective its equal. mainly depends on what you need.

The weekly starting A. Jones is a good point.

My main concern is that Atlanta is about to get it together and targeting Julio more than what they been doing. Cause Tyreek Hill

What if it’s a keeper league? First year that I kept Julio