Trading Alvin?

Trading Alvin Kamara and Gronk For Ezekiel and Tate PPR, please help!! need advice on this trade

Hell to the no for me. Last night was just an irregular occurrence. Kamara has been dealing with injuries and ingram has fresh legs coming off of suspension. Also it was a total blow out so they just rested Kamara going into bye week so he is well rested for 2nd half of the season. And you’re finally seeing what Gronk can do with a fully healthy pats offense opening up lanes for him. He was like 1-2 yards shy of a 30-40 yard TD which would’ve made him TE1 on the week. Stay patient with gronk. Especially with TE landscape as bad as it has been, hang on to your TEs man. I’m streaming in 2 of my leagues and trust me when I say, it is not fun at all.

Also you’re seeing tate’s ceiling in the early weeks. Don’t buy at the ceiling.

Stick with what you have.

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It’s a no for me.

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You my friend have reassured me of my team, I’m 1-4 and Have
Rivers Hunt Kamara Boyd D.Thomas Coutee Gronk and Lutz at K, been facing the BEST teams EVERY WEEK! Just need some good luck I guess lol

I would barely trade Kamara for those two by himself.