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Trading and keepers question


Hey guys, 12-team 2-man keeper here (standard scoring) starting fresh this season. I’d like to cover as many scenarios as possible prior to the season starting so that we don’t have to make too many rules as we go along.

We have a total of 3 seasons where we can hold a player, so how would it generally work if someone trades a keeper player? For example, lets say I trade a player I’ve held for 2 years, does the guy who gets him only get him for 1 more season before having to throw him back into the draft? Or does his 3 year hold-eligible period restart fresh?


In our league… Keeper status stays the same no matter how many teams a player is traded to… The only way the keeper status starts back at the beginning is if that player is dropped from a team to the waivers and then next year drafted…

If you have it the way you explanined it above you will see alot of trades going on near the end of the year like this.
Team A trades OBJ
Team B For mike evans

Then next week… team B trades mike Evans to team A for OBJ… And now both owners get to keep there best keepers for another 3 years


That’s a good point. I’m considering just changing the rule so any keeper cost you 2 rounds ahead of where you drafted them to simplify. And keep things fresh in the first 2 rounds.