Trading Antonio brown away

I was just offered Kerryon and Diggs for AB

My team:
RB: zeke, McCoy, Thompson, Ito, Ivory
WR: AB, Keenan Allen, cooks, Snead, trequan Smith

Thanks for feedback. Standard league

lol well this would fix your issue with your BYE week…Its hard to let go of big names like AB but I like it.

@MikeMeUpp any ideas? I have zeke Allen ans ito on bye so trying to get a W this week

You can’t afford to trade away Zeke for Kerryon. I love Kerryon as much as the next guy but this week does not mean he’s in line for 20 touches a week going forward. This week was because Riddick was out. This coaching staff is full of morons. I would not feel comfortable rolling kerryon out as my RB1 every week.

The trade is Kerryon and Diggs for AB. I would still have zeke!

Another thread I tagged you in was Kamara and Baldwin for Zeke and Keenan Allen

This is all standard

Oh okay i gotcha. Still no. Kerryon in standard is not very appealing. AB does more for your team and you should be able to get more than that.

Also just out of curiosity, why is kerryon only appealing in PPR formats? I feel like he isn’t that involved in the passing game

Well he is at least involved in passing. Gets like 2-3 catches a game which is pretty good for an RB2.

And Blount always vultures his goal line work, so he’s better in PPR than in standard.