Trading away AJG help

I am being offered Mike evans and tyler Boyd for AJG. I have D. Adams and T hill and im 8-2 (unless obj doesnt score 2 points) :frowning: Im almost a complete lock for playoffs being 4 games ahead of 4th. My backup wrs are J gordan and A cooper. Im doubting if this will make me better since AJ should be back for the playoffs. Should I accept this?

I would make this trade. Evans should bounce back from this slump and Boyd performs well when Green is on the field taking defensive pressure off of him.


if I could ask you another question but between boyd,Evans, gordan, and cooper who would you play?

Between Evans or Gordon. You can make a case for either player. Boyd isn’t that great until Green returns, and Cooper now has something of a 10 point floor. Would like to see what his ceiling looks like in DAL before playing him.

honestly now that I have thought about it im declining it. Come playoffs I will have d adams hill and green and I dont see boyd or evans being better than green once he comes back

Dude… me personally I accept this. Boyd is already a great slot play and a top 12 receiver before the bad down week. mike Evans sure, can be hit and miss but he will likely end the season as a wr1… aj green doesn’t play again until December? If he’s not out the rest of the way due to a lost season for the bengals. Give me the HEALTHY duo of elite wr2s with wr1 upside and ranking each week.

Edit: and then go trade the depth for an elite RB to someone on the fringe of playoffs who has a week 11 bye week. Hunt maybe even sell it to a needy gurly owner. Evans plus Boyd plus your rb2 could get you a hunt or gurley

well I have gurley conner and bell so I dont need rbs. I also have cook and ingram