Trading away AP and or Lewis for a WR?

I’m trying to upgrade my WRs I have Adams Gordon Cole Godwin Ridley and Edelman I know I have a lot but looking to cut Godwin since Winston is back. Who should I target? Cooks? Tate? Any suggestions other than those two? It’s full ppr btw

Thinking of trading AP and Lewis for a WR. If you think switching Lewis for Edelman or Ridley would be better for an upgrade at the WR who should I go after?

I would try and trade away AP before the games start on Sunday. AP straight up for Cooks would probably work and be a good trade for you. Maybe look at Diggs, Thielen, and other WR2 with WR1 Upside for AP!

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You think AP and Ridley or Edelman would work easier for Cooks Diggs or Thielen?

yeh for sure. AP seems like a high end RB2 i think to many people rn. Also since he just had his bye that increases his value a lot.

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With OBJ somewhat struggling would u trade for him?? Or rather take on those WRs u mentioned or even Hill since I have Mahomes I could possible stack them
Unless I try offering Edelman/Gordon and Ridley for OBJ or do u think AP and Edelman/Ridley would be better to offer?

I mean if you can get OBJ for sure get him. Slow start and will explode soon