Trading away cmc in a keeper league

New to a keeper league. 3 player keeper, you can Keep a player for 3 seasons max. Full PPR. I’m currently working on a trade to get Aaron Jones, Would you trade CMC for Zeke and a second round pick? I know cmc is great and especially in a full PPR is way better compared to Zeke but knowing I could go into next seasOn with possibly Zeke, Aaron Jones and an extra second is intriguing. Would stick with cmc? Do this trade? Is it enough to give up cmc? Thanks in advance

I’d rather dance with the devil I know, in this scenario. I would not trade CMC for Zeke and a 2nd round pick. Too many uncertainties with Dallas’ offensive line and you never know if a 2nd round pick will hit. I’d rather have CMC and Aaron Jones going into next season.

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