Trading Away Gurley... Have 2 Options Need Help! :)

Hey guys any input on this would be awesome.

Trying to look forward into playoffs and secure either Hunt or McCoy for Gurley.

Here are the trades I have offered so far.

Gurley, Keenan Allen for McCoy, Tyreek Hill


Gurley, Doug Martin for Kareem Hunt, Lamar Miller

which do you think I should take?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Depends on if you need a WR or RB.

If your set at WR… I like trade 2.

If not trade one should be good… The guys on the podcast talk good things about mccoy and his playoff schedule. I’m not as big on him but trade one prob gives you the best players

I personally have McCoy Hill combo in 2 leagues that I am sitting in first place in and hoping they take me the rest fo the way. I have also traded Gurley and Allen away in leagues so also hoping they dont blow up.

I, like you, traded away Gurley for Shady McCoy and was able to get Russell Wilson in the deal. But for you, I like trade number 1 and I have Keenan Allen. I would rather have Hill… and the Footballers better be right, I was sad to see Gurley go, haha

Made the deal to trade away Gurley and ASJ, for Shaddy and Demarco Murray. Hopefully it pans out for the playoffs