Trading away Hopkins and Ertz for M Gordon

Standard league. I could grab Engram or Uzomah from waivers. I’m in huge need for RBS since I was a Freeman and Ajayi owner. M Gordon owner is trying to trade him away.

My team:
RBs: K Hunt, Lindsay, Chubb, Barber, Foreman
WRs: Hopkins, Edelman, G Allison, C Davis, T Ginn


I’m on a 12-team league, 4-2 at the moment.

is it too much giving away Hopkins and Ertz?

The problem i see right away is you downgrade two positions drastically to upgrade one, albeit the most import position. I don’t like it, i think you sacrifice too much in other areas to keep your team afloat

He offered Sanders and M Gordon for Hopkins and Ertz. What do you think?

I would try and do Hopkins and Lindsay for Gordon and a WR on par with Lindsay.

okay now were cooking, i like this trade.