Trading away Josh Allen

Current Record 2-2
QB: Allen, Minshew
RB: Jacobs, Gurley, Henderson, Gaskin, Dobbins
WR: Adams, Moore, Hollywood, Landry, Fitzgerald, Tate
TE: Gesicki, Tonyan, Cook(drop canidate)

Lineup requirments:
1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2Flex

Feeling a bit shaky at WR and have a Bills fan trying to aquire Allen, put together this deal and wanted to hear some thoughts:

Give: Allen, Hollywood, Gaskin
Get: Newton, Golladay, Harris

I would see if they’d drop the RB’s in that trade. I think Harris is a good sell high candidate and Gaskin has a good floor during bye weeks with high volume.

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I personally wouldn’t trade away Allen for anything less than very convincing.

Newton/Golladay/Harris is not even close, for me, to give up Allen.

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Any suggestions based on his roster? I don’t have to make a trade of course but i figured if he really wants Allen i might be able to win the trade a bit.

QB: Stafford, Newton, Fitzpatrick
RB: Kamara, Monty, Harris, D’ernest Johnson, Swift
WR: Diggs, Thielen, Julio, Watkins, Golladay, Slayton
TE: Shultz

I personally would attempt Allen for Thielen/Monty. I would hard sell the Allen/Diggs double points connection.

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