Trading away KAMARA, SONY and WOODS!

In a standard league i dont have the best team and im 3-3, so i decided to shop kamara. This trade ended up happening and i cant decide if i feel good or not about it!

I traded: Kamara, Sony Michel and Robert Woods
For: Chris Carson and Deandre Hopkins

Who do you think gets the better side of it?
My team before the trade was:
Josh Allen
Kamara, Sony, Hyde, malcolm brown and jamaal williams
Woods, Marquise Brown, Crowder, John Brown and Shepard
Kelce, Henry
Pats d/st

Bump… the league is standard, with 12 teams, 2rbs 2wrs 1flex 1qb 1k 1d/st

Not a huge fan of this trade for you. You downgraded from Kamara to Carson ( I know Carson is doing well but when Brees comes back I anticipate Kamara bouncing back to normal self) while losing depth in probably the most important position in football.

IF Hopkins snaps out of his funk and steps it up it won’t be as bad. But right now, I’m not really feeling this trade for you.

  • of course if this Kamar injury ends up being serious or long term my opinion changes.
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Thanks for the input, im very on the fence about this trade, if hopkins goes off soon, i will feel like i won that trade, but if kamara decides to be last season kamara after brees comes back than this will look ugly for me…
The point that made me pull the trigger is the fact that is not a ppr league, so kamara doesnt have that much value