Trading away Kamara

I nabbed Kamara in the 7th round 2 years ago and was able to keep him through next season. This is a 10 man PPR league SuperFlex league. I’m curious as to what type of value the Footclan would give him in the offseason with as well as he did last year. For example, I would take no less than…


I would take no less than another RB1 like Gordon, McCaffery, Elliott, etc.

Or maybe a WR1 + another lower tier RB but in 2 for 1 type trades you really want to be the one getting the best player…

Actually I would probably just keep him, are you only allowed to keep him for 2 years? I traded Kamara and AJ Green for AB and Mixon last year and I’m now regretting that a little. LOL

That’s kind of where I am too - we can trade our picks and things like that, so If I can get a late first for him, I’d be the happiest. I feel it’s hard to get anything less than that though.

We have 5 “contract years” each year that we can spend on players (too much I know, but the guys won’t consider a change) and I used 2 on Kamara, meaning I could keep him for 2 years. At the end of next year I could choose to spend 2 more to keep him for another year. Which I’ve considered. Honestly just trying to gauge what everyone else thinks about his value.

I went all in last year to win the league and made a big move week 8 with trading away my 2 for Davante Adams (there was more to the trade, but that was the meat of it) so I’m trying to see if I can do a little damage control for that.

He’s a PPR monster so you might see what kind of offers you can get but unless you get a really sweet deal, hang on to him. Depends on what the rest of your roster looks like too.

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If ingram stays, find a way to make a trade. His end of year value was inflated greatly by ingram not being there begining of year. He was still crazy valuable, dont get me wrong but people will pay for his finish which was boosted. If ingram leaves and they dont draft a guy high… you hold onto him for dear life. He could easily make a case for being the RB1 overall if he can do what he did without him consistantly. But im taking the precieved value of him right now and boosting myself in other ways. But really, only if i get top 5ish value for him. So for me its trade him if the value is right, unless really good things happen for him in the offseason.

EDIT: i forgot to mention what value i would go for, and thats tricky in superflex. Any QB thats top 10, plus something depending on what values of pick i have to give up for the players. So something like russel wilson and keenan allen, or an RB of that level or so. Something that makes it so i can secure a top flight QB and not have to find one early and focus on other positions along with filling another position of need as well.

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What @BusterD said. Depends on what happens this offseason. So I would hold for now. I’ve got him in a one keeper league and currently holding to see what happens. I’ve also got McAffery. Keeping McAffery currently, but if Ingram leaves and they don’t grab or draft anyone significant I’m gonna have a tough choice on my hands.