Trading away kareem hunt

Trade Kareem Hunt for Elliott and Tyreek Hill. Thoughts?

In a heartbeat

This is tricky, depending on WR you have. Zeke is a risk, you might get him half of year or full. Depends if you like risk.

Risky with the chance that Elliot could be suspended. But I’d have to say yes!

yup all day everyday, if youre willing to take the chance on zeke, NFL appealed his injuction so he could still get that suspension, so if youre a high risk high reward guylike me then go for it!

yes absolutely do this

I definitely think I would have to jump on this one. As everyone else here has said, tho Zeke is still possibly skating on thin ice here, this one’s too juicy to pass up. For one thing, I don’t think Hunt is gonna put up crazy numbers every week like last week, big numbers - yes, not just over the moon. AND…I think it would be crazy to give up a chance at Tyreek.

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