Trading away Keenan Allen

Trading Keenan Allen and Breida for Latavius Murray and Cal Ridley. 12 team, PPR, 3 keeper league.

Should I do it?

OR, sub in Lamar Miller for Murray

Did something happen to allen that makes everyone so down on him? is he hurt or something?

Even if he hasn’t performed to expectations, he’s still a SOLID WR2. I wouldn’t sell him and a starting back for a back who will only be the starter for the next 2 weeks, then has a bye, and then is the backup, coupled with a Boom or Bust WR2/3 in Ridley.

So basically, no, i wouldn’t

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Check out Allen’s splits for his career in the 2nd half of the season. Fewer games because of the injuries, but every stat is better per game, in the 2nd half. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean the same will happen this year, but his slow start, plus being the best WR on a great offense…

I think positive regression is in order for Allen. I would try to get more if I was going to trade him.

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Roster construction is important to this trade as well:

WR: M. Thomas, Sanders, Sutton, KA, ARob, Watkins

RB: Breida, Peterson, Doug Martin, Chris Thompson, Duke Johnson

ah, see, this is the kind of info that you should put in the original post lol.

So your clearly weak at RB and your trying to strengthen?

I think you could get a better value if you take the advice of @djbauer23 ( where KA typically has a better second half the season than the first, coupled with the fact that he is on a playoff-competing team with a good QB ) slide him into your WR2, and flip Sanders into a TRUE low end RB1/high end RB2. maybe a straight up swap of Sanders for Mixon?

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@jtess72: that is an awesome idea!! :+1:

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I wish, been trying to trade for Mixon since day one. He’s basically untouchable. If I could get Kerryon Johnson and like a 3rd round pick for Sanders and Breida is that worth it? I really want to buy into the hype of Courtland Sutton.

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What about CMC? He’s probably in that mixon-esque tier

Or, you could do something like a Sanders + a pick for DJ?