Trading away lamar

Been rather dissapointed in Lamar and his production. Its a half ppr 4pt qb league so his rushing tds hold value

Im weak at rb would you make this move?

Lamar, Drake, Chark and Hurst
Taylor, Robinson and Fitz

My team
Jones Drake Kelly, Harris, D’erenest
OBJ, Fuller, Crowder, Chark, Claypool
Hurst and Gesiki

losing lamar is gonna hurt but im 1-4 and need a shake up i think

Bold Move, but if you can get a decent QB, might work. I think Taylor is best player in trade going forward, and Robinsons been solid.

yeah thats kinda the thought go bold and go big because what ive done so far has gotten me in a bad hole.

Id have Fitmagic and lean on that for right now until people drop qbs to byes or just play the stream matchup game from here on out

Any last thoughts on if i should make this offer before the week starts.

Been back and forth in my head