Trading away Lindsay and Edelman for either Lynch or Mccoy

Standard League. I’m in need of RBs, I like the upside of Mccoy getting traded to the Eagles, or might try getting Lynch as well. Any thoughts?

Lindsay AND edleman for one of those guys? Heavily dislike it. Your giving up too much to try and get a guy that might be traded, and giving up a guy who has shown to be a favorite target of Tom Brady.

Yes, in standard edleman might not have as much appeal as he’s more of a PPR guy, not a yards guy, but even then he’s still a solid Flex.

IF you were going to do a trade like this, i would target Lynch over Mccoy. At least with Lynch you can be certain that the volume is going to be there.

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Agree, too expensive
Also keep in mind Lynch has a overall difficult rest of the season
A bye
3 good matchups
5 tough matchups where the Raiders will likely be playing from behind
and one meh matchup that could go either way (home against the Broncos)

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