Trading Away Lynch

Im thinking of offering Lynch and Sanders


Cohen and T. Williams

Good trade?.. I want to move Lynch.

That seems fair. I tried to move Lynch and Abdullah for Montgomery and the guy told me I was crazy. I think it depends on the amount of teams in the league. The league I offered that in was a 10 team. I feel like in a 12 team + it may be easier to move Lynch.

Of course as always it’s team dependent too. I offered Lynch for Martin. Both have tough matchups the coming weeks but I feel like Martin will be fresh and have a little more burst. We shall see what happens.

Lynch and Emmanuel Sander for Cohen and Tyrell Williams, Terrance Williams? No I wouldn’t do that trade. I’d rather have Cohen than Lynch but not by a lot, but Sanders is way above T. Williams (Tyrell or Terrance). I wouldn’t do that. Especially since you’re selling low on Lynch and buying high on Cohen. I would want to move Lynch too but that’s a bad trade in my opinion

Thanks for the insight.