Trading away Mahomes?

10-team half, I’m 2-3
Getting out of the Mahomes game, do I do it:

Sending: Mahomes, Conner, Samuels
Receiving: Zeke, pollard, AJ Green

I have Brees so I will stream for a couple weeks.

QB: Mahomes, Brees
RBs: Carson, Jacobs, Conner, Samuels, M Sanders, Breida
WRs: Kupp, Woods, Watkins, T Williams,
TEs: Waller, Everett

Bump, come on gents!!

If I was the other guy, I would take that trade and run. I think you would be on the losing end though. I would say don’t do it.

You gotta hold Mahomes. If you really do wanna trade him you gotta ask for a lot. I mean if 20 points is his low that’s pretty darn good lol