Trading Away Tyreek Hill

8-man 0.5PPR 3WR league. The Mahomes owner has been trying for a while to get Tyreek off me, but because the guy’s a bit of an imbecile we haven’t got the deal done.

He’s come back to me this week and offered me George Kittle plus Stefon Diggs. I think it’s a fair trade, and I LOVE the Kittle part (as Engram has gone down and Herndon has wasted a bench spot for me since week 5). I just don’t feel comfortable about Diggs. Vikings ROS schedule isn’t great for WRs, but then neither is KC’s.

What does everyone think? My remaining WRs are Godwin, Kirk, Emmanuel Sanders, Crowder.

Your wr3 spot is the question now. Kittle plays like a wr2 sometimes wr1. But I think you get more points from a wr than a te pick up.