Trading Bell to Salvage Season

I am 4-5 and against another 4-5 team this week so needless to say it is a big week for me. I see the possibility of a potential trade that I could offer my opponent that I believe will help me win this week. Here’s what I’m thinking, I give him leveon and either woods or sanders in return for Michael Thomas and David Johnson. Would this be an even trade? Pictures of our teams are below(I’m on the left)

Depends on your trade deadline mines in tonight and until anyone knows official he’s coming back and going to be the starter you won’t get much

I would imagine you can’t trade Bell this week as his game was last night.

I think I can since he’s listed as NWT(not with team) but anyways do you think I have a shot at winning this week without a trade? I mean the other team is pretty good and this is an important week.