Trading Buffalo's D

Half-PPR, 10 Team League.

Trying to trade away Buffalo… currently 1-4 so needing to make some moves. Just traded Kittle + M. Sanders for Diontae Johnson.

Would you go for any of these guys? Bateman, Carter, Shenault (I also have Marvin), or Mooney?

I’m also considering trading away Dak, I have Heinicke as my backup. Lockett or Pittman are options for Dak, if you have thoughts on that?

Full team:
Dak, Heinicke
Chubb, Swift, Javonte Williams, Dillon, Hines, Perine
D. Johnson, Higgins, M. Jones, Jeudy, Davis, Golladay, B. Edwards, E. Moore
Knox, Seals-Jones
Buffalo, Carolina

We flex two so need some depth.

If you can trade a D and get a legit starter, then that’s definitely worth it. I would trade the Buffalo D for any of those guys, but probably in the order of Carter, Mooney, Bateman, Shenault.

Went with Carter, appreciate the advice.

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