Trading Chris Carson for Fournette or Bell?

Carson’s stock is at a high right now and I’m looking to trade him especially with his tough schedule.
My team -
QB - Josh Allen
RBs - Kamara, Carson, Brieda, L Murray
WRs - Julio, Godwin, McLaurin, Gordon, Sanu, G Tate
TE - Waller, Walker

I’m looking at trading for Leveon Bell or Leonard Fournette
Which would be better to trade for? Bell owner is 6-0, while the fournette owner is 3-3 and hurting a little at WR. I could pair Carson with Josh Gordon or Golden Tate for Fournette. Would the same deal work for Bell?

Yeah you prob wont be able to pry him away from a 6-0 team unless they are a seahawks fan.

So should I try the Fournette offer?

Id shoot a message to the Bell owner to see if hes interested first. Its not a complete low ball so if he bites take it.