Trading Chris Carson

12 Team, Dynasty, Full PPR

Just in a vacuum which side you prefer

R. Anderson + 2020 1.11
Chris Carson

Thanks footclan

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Carson, in a vacuum.


carson for me


I am bullish on Carson. Plus, I think if you are going to move him you will get more value in season. I think they are good at RB, maybe depth draft, but he should have the show this year. Once he shows that, you could move him then if you wanted.

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I think it is going to depend on what they do in the draft. Given the injuries to both Carson and Penny they could get a player in the draft or look at Gordon and completely nullify the value of Carson.


They might, but their cap space is a problem and they have other big needs. I fully suspect they draft someone for the reasons you state, but I would be surprised if it is a big FA move. But teams do dumb things all the time, so who knows?

I’m a Seahawks fan and a Chris Carson owner. I’m fine holding onto him in my dynasty league. Penny is hurt right now and we don’t actually know how he will come back. I don’t have a lot of confidence that Penny will ever take over the majority of carries from Carson.

I don’t see us drafting a fantasy-relevant RB either. We have too many other needs to cover at the earlier picks. I think we’d draft similar to last year when we picked Homer in the 6th round. He only got touches cuz everyone was hurt.

I wouldn’t be too worried about Carson. As with Robby Anderson, we don’t know where he’s going or what system he will be put in.

I think you’d be fine keeping Carson.

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