Trading CMC

I am looking to trade CMC. Im in a 14 team dynasty, .5 PPR, TE Premium, SF.

I dont have alot of assets. my qbs are Jimmy G and Haskins.
I have 1.04, 2.04, 3.04, 4.04 in this years draft.

I managed to get two people interested in CMC. (all are interested but not much for assets or willing to pay for CMC.)

first one is

Dallas Goedert
Alexander Mattison
2021 1st (probably late)

next is

Deebo Samuel
2021 1st (probably late)

both won’t move any more.

I like both deals.
probably take burrows with the 1.04 that I already have.

please I need help. I have jonnu smith, david njoku and blake jarwin for TEs if that helps.

Who are your other Running Backs? Who are your WRs?

If you’re looking to rebuild for the future by trading away CMC then I would want more Running Back targeting picks or more valuable youth. For CMC, the minimum I want is value equivalent to 2 mid to early 1st rounders or 2 starters on a fantasy team. MINIMUM. Because his points output is worth two players and then some.

1st Offer -
Goedert - will take time or Ertz injury to realize full potential. I don’t like your TEs but I would prioritize other needs.
Mattison - meh, he’s good but behind Cook.
1.02 - Love.
2.10 - is meh in a 14 team draft. How confident are you in your research and your guy falling to you this late?

Your 2020 draft landscape:
1.02 > 1.04 > 2.04 > 2.10 > 3.04 > 4.04

What I would do: CEH or Taylor > Dobbins/ Swift/ Akers/ CDL > Burrow > etc

2nd Offer -
Deebo - like him a lot but he is still unproven in an offense taht leans on running and Kittle. Do you value him as a 1st Rd Pick or a starter?
1.09 - Essentially a receiver unless a RB magically falls to you.
2.01 - I love this spot, personally, but might be different in a 14 team league. I usually mock 12 team.
2021 1st - yum

Your 2020 Draft Landscape:
1.04 > 1.09 > 2.01 > 2.04 >3.04 > 4.04

What I would do: Dobbins/Swift/Akers/CDL > Burrow > Take your pick

Honestly, If you’re hellbent on getting Burrow. Use your 1.04 on him and then wait to trade CMC during the season when teams start getting antsy to make a push for playoffs or because they think they can win the whole thing. Whether it’s due to injury or aspiration, I think you’ll be able to squeeze more out of your trade partners assuming CMC isn’t the one getting injured.

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback.
Ill give you my team for context:

jimmy g

Kerryon Johnson
and a bunch of guys I could drop

Amari Cooper
Tyler Lockett
Dionate Johnson
Geronimo Allison

Jonnu Smith
Foster Moreau

Deebo I don’t currently value him as a 1st Rd pick but a starter yes
I am not hellbent on getting Burrow. I am fine with the qbs I have this year but this is a area of weakness.

The reason I went after goedert/mattison is the other trade is there isnt much I really like on his team to be honest. Long term I do believe in Dallas long term but does not make or break the deal for me.

again thank you for the input.

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