Trading Coleman for Kamara!

Hey fellas, theres an owner struggling with the byepocalypse and he offered me kamar for tevin Coleman,straight up 1 for 1. I feel like the right thing to do here is take the trade right?
0.5ppr, my team now is:
L. Jackson
Cook,Carson, Coleman, Linday and Singletary
Hopkins, E. Sanders, John Brown and djax
K no one cares
Bills d/st

What do you think? Kamara for coleman rest of season

I’d take that

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absolutely take that

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Coleman + john brown for kamara

You guys still on board?

Try to do Carson 1:1

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I’m still on-board with that

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Tried it before… he doesnt want carson, only coleman

I’d rather give up Coleman than Carson anyway. He got 13 carries last week. I’d rather have the volume of Carson. Coleman isn’t going to score 4 TD’s again this year.