Trading Cook

Okay, I keep hearing ballers say don’t trade Cook. Then nearly every other fantasy article on the World Wide Web says trade him because of playoff schedule. What do you all think? Just interested in what people are doing. I think I’m holding. My team is as follows. Just curious what others are doing.

QB: Big Ben, Tua
RB: Cook, David Johnson, Montgomery, Gibson
WR: Ridley, Golladay, Thielen, Diontae Johnson, John Brown, Reagor, Shepard
TE: Fant

I mean if you’re sitting comfortably in a playoff spot, the only player I trade Cook for is Derrick Henry. That’s it. Other than that, you have Dalvin Cook- he might not have the number 1 RB of the week during playoffs but he will still produce.
Henry’s playoff schedule is awesome- and we’ve seen what he does during the end of the year.

In one league(14 manager, 2 player keeper) I have Henry. I’m working to trade him for Cook. My team doesn’t produce high numbers but I get away with some wins- so I’m accepting my playoffs fate. Being a keeper league though, I would Iove to start the year with Cook. Cook owner is salivating at possibly acquiring Henry for playoffs. His team is ridiculously good.

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Thanks for the response. Yeah, to be honest I’m not sure the Henry owner would be willing to trade, but he’s the only one I’d consider trading for. I currently have a 2 game lead over the first guy out of playoffs. So it’s completely possible to miss. My plan I think is to sit tight. Cook is still Cook. I think he’ll be fine even in tough matchups. Obviously not what he’s put up past two weeks, but enough to keep me competitive.

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Exactly. And I know Henry is a monster, but who’s to say he’ll even be healthy?

Just keep building your bench- pay attention to waivers. Cook schedule right now is awesome so I’m confident you’ll be cruising to playoffs.

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