Trading Cooper Kuppa Coffee

12 team Ppr

I’m 3-6 and need to start winning. I
Have cooper Kupp and another league member wants to do a trade. As much as I dont want to trade Kupp away he has a bye soon and he has a few players that are done with the bye.

One trade idea was Mike Evans and Michael Pittman for Kupp and one of my bench relievers ( crowder or bateman).

It would also be nice as I don’t have the best Wr core. Kupp, Lockett, julio, Toney, Bateman and crowder.

A couple other players he’s willing to deal are Hollywood Brown c. Patterson and Hopkins.

Thoughts? Trade ideas?

I think if you’re to trade Kupp you’re looking at the right sort of package. Evans, Pittman, cpat, hopkins combination is what I would be looking to pull. Kupp value is so high that I agree I should be looking at establishing a replacement and a dominating flex for him.

I would hate to trade Kupp right now, with that said if I can get Pittman & Brown, Hopkins, or Evans, I would really have to think about it hard.

His offer is Pittman and Hollywood for my kupp and bateman. Thoughts?

Nah. Not enough for me