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Trading D Cook or A Kamara question

I am in a 4 Keeper league that just voted to go to 3 keepers starting next year. I have D Cook and A Kamara at RB. I have been offered J Jacobs and this years 1.3 and 3.3 in our draft for D Cook or Kamara and my 6.9.

I can’t decide if I should even trade and just keep both for this year knowing I will lose one next…but Jacobs is still pretty good and I get a 1.3 and 3.3.


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I’d send one of the guys (tend towards sending cook) for Jacobs and the 1.03. And 3.03. I would want to keep my 6th rounder though and might try once to move the 3rd rounder up one round. Could work if the other guy is not a fan of Jacobs

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I would take that offer. I would also move Cook. Jacobs very easily could be one of your three keepers moving forward and adding a 1&3 round pick is fantastic. If you could shimmy your 6.9 to the 7.4 (I think that is the right math) that would be better. If not, though, I would take that trade.

FWIW - I would not mind trading AK here either. I do think NO has a much more explosive year and the new WR weapons ought to make it a little easier on AK. That said, Cook is going to be featured on a run first team. He will definitely get the rock, but I think Mattison eats in more than many hope. That is why I’d move Cook over AK.

Just my two cents. Hope they help!