Trading D. Watson and Kupp for Allen and Drake

Would you make this trade? My other WRs would be Hill, TY Hilton, Gage, Harry, Tate, and Jeffrey after trading Kupp. Lost Saquon but have Carson, Montgomery and Gibson.

What’s your lineup?

I would go for it as long as you can start 3RBs (1 in FLEX). I think you can replace Kupp and play matchups with the remaining roster but very boom/bust WR core. RB will be a high floor post-trade

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My Team
QB: Watson
RB: Carson
RB: Montgomery
WR: Hill
WR: Kupp
TE: Fant
FLX: Hilton
FLX: Gibson
Bench: (lost Saquon) Gage, Harry, Tate, L. Thomas, Herbert, A. Jeffrey

Oh ya no brainer for me.

I would play Gage this week if Julio is out btw. Soon he’s going to let us down but for now stay in the flames w/ those 10 targets per week.

Yeah absolutely, I agree

I agree… I’d do it. Allen is on a better team and playing better than Watson right now. Drake is a great add and will get better as the season goes on. You’ll be shaky at WR but I do think Harry begins to click with Cam especially in the red zone.

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And to be honest you could flip your 4th RB very easily for a WR of good quality without breaking a sweat.

100% do this trade

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Thanks guys, I agree with what you’ve said. I like Allen’s team over Watson’s so far. I appreciate your help!