Trading David Johnson and Josh Gordon for Micheal thomas? Good deal?

I have a league mate that wants DJ and gordon for Thomas, I have good rb core without johnson and I think is trade is good for me, I dont think Dj will do that good this year. Thoughts?

Depends on the total of the roster. It is my belief that Bradford is like Tyrod and as soon as the Cards bench him DJ is gonna start to be good. If you get an 80% DJ + Gordon is like 60% of what people think he might be that’s better than just MT. But based on actual results getting MT is safer.

yeah i thought that too, My wr core is not the best so I could use a good wr1

I think you’ve gotta give DJ more than 2 weeks to prove he’s worth a $40mm contract. Why draft him otherwise? Plus, I can’t imagine his value declines that much further even with a shoddy performance this week, unless he gets run over by a truck during the game. Which is kind of what his O Line looks like on a lot of plays at this point, so maybe that’s sadly a possibility.

I drafted him but he has not performed and I have 2 other rbs I am confident to roll out every week.

depends on your roster. DJ was a fantasy boss, so I am not a fan of dumping him this early… Wilkins said they plan to feature him in the slot more which could provide a boost to his value.

I am good on the rb position and my wr core is lacking, Imho I think that I would benefit from a wr1. I don’t personally know if that coaches commitment to him getting the ball more will be better, the cardinals are in a position were the other team can just lock him down and it’s a 90% its a shutout.

D Thomas is hardly a WR 1 and if DJ goes out and becomes the top 3 pick he was projected to be this year your going to look like a fool. You can get a better return than Thomas. Dj is not “lockedout” of any game… he is an excellent pass catching back, he’s always going to be an option if they are up or down… he is game script irrelavant

He’s talking Michael Thomas, but yeah, your point about DJ is the crux of the matter. I think DJ for MT straight up is more appropriate.

Although, I was thinking you meant M. Gordon. Do you have him or Josh Gordon? DJ and Josh Gordon for MT isn’t totally unreasonable. You still run the risk of DJ flipping the switch and becoming a complete monster though.

Sorry for not being clear but I have Josh Gordon