Trading David Johnson PPR

1-3 in a 12 team PPR league, and my RB2 options are currently Sony and Royce so I’m definitely hurting for RBs behind DJ. Just offered

Give: David Johnson
Get: Mark Ingram and Tevin Coleman

Am I getting enough value back for him?

I like getting Ingram, I’m not sold on Coleman. He tends to always get hurt and who knows what his role will be when he comes back? What other RB’s does he have?

He’s got Ingram, Aaron Jones, Coleman, Howard and Hyde. Maybe go for Hyde over Coleman? I’m not really sure

I would take the trade. You need RBs and you’re getting a consistent guy in Ingram. Coleman’s is an RB2/flex play. He got hurt in what the first quarter maybe second and haD 6.6 points in my half ppr. He will be getting the touches when he comes back.

I’d see if he’d do Jones instead of Coleman. I’m not a huge fan of Jones, but I like him more than Coleman.