Trading David Johnson

My main league is a superflex full PPR where Pretty much everyone starts 2 QBs every week except for me because my QBs are Carr, Bradford, and Flacco and my running backs are David Johnson, Jordan Howard, Alex Collins, and Marshawn Lynch. I was just offered Carson Wentz and Jamal Williams for David Johnson and Derek Carr. I’m not laughing at it… I’m considering it…is this real life? How are are we that David Johnson won’t recover? How much of it is that the boys are depressed about their team and are overreacting? How are are we that McCoy is the new Jeff Fisher? My fear is that they make the switch to Josh Rosen, he ends up being a lot better than Bradford, and Johnson is David Johnson again. Help me out here footclan…do I sell David Johnson or hold out for more.

without a doubt do not sell for that price. need way more. youre selling dj at his absolute lowest point, but still should be getting more than jamaal williams. you need a starter, in my opinion, to even consider moving him. or a chris thompson type.

I feel ya,I also have DJ but I would not take that trade at all,I have to believe we give him another if not 2 weeks to see what happens. He cant do any worse, and if he has a great week this week both the need to keep him and his trade value have gone way up again

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yeah i agree, i own him in a league and i dont want to move him just because i know i wont get any value for him. im not expecting much this week vs chicago, but could surprise and have almost a saquan-esque game with the coach saying they need to get him the ball, dumbing down the offense, and potential of a ton of dump offs from constant pressure on bradford.