Trading Dede Westbrook away for Chris Thompson

With Nick Foles gone, I think Dede’s value has gone down precipitously because of my lack of faith in Minshew. The reason I got him was his rapport with Nick, and also Nick’s tendency to throw to the slot. This is a Full point PPR league.

I agree with everything you said; however, unless you’re in need of a RB for the next couple weeks, I’d target someone else. Thompson is one of the few guys who has earned, year after year, the injury prone label. So, if you’re looking for an upside stash, odds are he won’t be around long enough to be that. If you’re looking for a low end flex starter for the next couple weeks, I’d still prefer DeDe

if its PPR id take that trade, Thompson has proven to get targets and with Guice injured and AP being ancient, he is set to get a good work load

Ahh, didnt know he was injury prone. Will look into other options.

Yeah, that’s why I am targeting him, his opportunity is great. Dede is not as valuable as Shak or Conley.