Trading Dez. PLEASE HELP $1500 League

I’d like to trade Dez given where my team stands. I’m currently 2-4, and I’m on a 4 game skid. My WRs are rough, and I’m wondering if it’s time to trade Dez.

QB: Stafford, Luck (On IR)
RB: DeMarco, Shady, Ellington, Buck Allen, and Perine
WR: Agholor, Dez, Cooper, Parker, and Kearse
TE: Walker
D/ST: Stream based on matchups
K: Gano

I think you’re in a tough spot to trade Dez away. With the way Cooper has been playing and Parker being hurt, I would keep Dez until Parker gets back to where he was. I know the feeling of wanting to switch things up on a team, I’m 2-4 in two of my leagues, but I dont think I would in this case.

Who were you hoping to get for him?

I’m not sure at this point. I don’t remember the last time I was under .500. I’m looking for solid receivers since Cooper hasn’t lived up to his ADP and Parker is hurt.

WR for WR are tough trades. I would throw a feeler out to the group and see who is interested. I am always surprised at the range of how people feel about players. See who is a Dez lover and see where negotiations lead. Good luck