Trading Diggs?

I’m in need of a running back and a guy in my league has offered Tevin Coleman.

It’s better than what’s on the waiver and I have loads of WR like Hilton (can’t shift him), Fuller, Baldwin, Julio Jones and Keenan Allen

Is Coleman the best you can get for Diggs? I feel like you could get better.

I’ve tried and failed

If you need a RB i guess I would do it, but I just feel like Diggs will come back week 9 and be more valuable than Coleman.
But Baldwin and Julio keep you good without him. Did you try to shift Fuller for a RB?

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I know you shouldn’t get emotionally invested in players whilst playing FF, but I can’t bring myself to trade him.

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I know… I just traded him for Demaryius Thomas. I’m fighting myself to not have seller’s remorse.

Traded Fuller for Thomas? That is a great trade in my eyes. Fuller doesn’t get the targets or receptions Thomas does, and is certainly due for TD regression.

I would try to package Diggs and Hilton for someone. Coleman isn’t much for Diggs IMHO

Too late fox. It got accepted.