Trading DJ for Conner

Would u offer David Johnson Mark Andrews and McLaurin or Manny Sanders for Conner and Ridley Cooks or Stills?

My team looks like
QB Stafford and Cam
RB Chubb Fournette Samuels Hunt DJ
WR Hopkins McLaurin Alshon Manny Robby
TE Henry and Andrews

Would I be overpaying or underpaying?

if their te needy you might be being awfully nice if they need it make them pay. but the idea of getting connor for dj sounds pretty good i dont mind the switch of ridley for mclaurin either

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His TE is Everett and TJ droppenson and I mean I don’t really mind overpaying cuz I need all the wins I can get and it could help me next week with Fournette on bye

I’d take it. Go DJ, Andrews, and Sanders for Conner and Ridley (He benefits from Sanu being gone, and Ryan returning)

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I’m going to try offering that trade and hopefully he takes it, he’s 6-2 and I’m 2-6 and still surprisingly in the playoff race

Go for it! Good luck man, and remember, any given Sunday. You can always pull off a win, and push through the playoffs (Last season I finished 6-7 but snagged the final playoff spot. Ended up winning it all).

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Damn! Hopefully I can get lucky and pull that off thanks for the advice.

Best of luck!

He rejected the offer lol I was thinking maybe go after Gurley? But he doesn’t really need a TE and he’s good at WR other than Gurley I was thinking maybe Marlon Mack, Kamara, Tevin Coleman, Aaron Jones, Montgomery and another player, or James White

Sorry for the long list haha I was thinking the most Kamara for DJ and Andrews/Henry

Would you try Andrews and Sanders for Melvin Gordon? @N7Decker @dbmville

I wouldnt andrews is a pretty top tight end in a super bad year for te’s and while sanders hasnt done much gordon has done just as little. that seems like a steep price for a guy that isnt really going yet

Or Samuels and Sanders? He has Conner or should I keep Samuels and see if there’s something up with Conner shoulder @dbmville

I mean if connor is hurt and misses multiple weeks Samuels jumps to the top of those 3. Im just not that high on Gordon have him in a league and tried to shop him and no one wants a part of that. Any other rbs for you to target?

Mack, Coleman, Kamara but might be tough, Montgomery, Aaron Jones, Gurley, Ingram, Derrick Henry? I think that’s all the others I could target I was thinking of going after Montgomery but idk if I should wait till next week and idk what to offer for him @dbmville

So Monty is another guy i have and have been super frustrated with. If someone made me a decent offer for him id move him but im no longer just taking trash for him. Mack might be a good guy to target if you can get coleman kamara or jones those would be most ideal but come with the biggest price tag. if the owners weak at te you might have a chance but like i said high price for those guys

Also maybe Howard

I’d rather go for Mack but he’s also weak at RB idk who to offer for him. I was thinking of maybe offering DJ and Sanders for Montgomery and Tyrell but idk if I should do that @dbmville

I think cheapest RBs of the ones i named would be Howard or Montgomery both teams are stacked at RB but rather have Montgomery because of the schedule and because he’s past his bye I need a RB to fill in for Fournette next week

I mean looking back up there you need another wr so that wouldnt be bad but id still try to leverage your extra te into something

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Only thing is he already has Waller so I doubt he wants or needs another TE I could try leveraging the deal by saying he’s 8-0 it’s not like he needs DJ right now but once the playoffs start he’d have a good schedule and his RBs would be Bell DJ and Jones @dbmville