Trading DJ for Diggs

In PPR do I give up David Johnson and Sammy for Diggs and AP?

No I’d wait and see what DJ looks like with the new scheme. His value isn’t getting any lower

That’s what I want to do but what if he’s willing to do Landry and Diggs just for DJ? I’d have Green, Diggs, Landry, John Brown, and Watkins with Kerryon, CMC, and a few others at RB. Another option is to add Landry with that trade including Diggs and AP? I know the upside with DJ but my god the offense is bad

I’d still wait. You can have a good fantasy player on a bad offense if the coaching staff knows how to use him. Unless there’s a reason you need to make a trade now (trade deadline, must-win week) I’d still hold off unless you can do slightly better. I’m not blown away by Landry/Diggs

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Well to be honest, if you’ve already got CMC and Kerryon… I think you’d see a significant boost picking up some good WRs for DJ.

What I would do is wait a week, see how DJ plays out in the new offense, because let’s be honest, he can’t get any worse. So either he stays the same, and you still make the trade, or he does well and now you can utilise that good game to target a stud WR and trade off name value

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I see what you are both saying, if this changes your mind, I’m 4-3 with 5 other people, the trade deadline is two weeks away I think, and I’m in a two FLEX league. That’s where getting Landry and Diggs in a PPR could be useful. I can play them along with Green and Brown.