Trading DJ?

Should I trade David Johnson for Todd Gurley in a keeper league?

I am a near-lock for my playoffs and my team is strong everywhere but RB. I currently have Crowell and Darkwa and I’d probably have to give a little bit more than DJ to get Gurley, i.e. 1st for 2nd round swap for next year.

When you are not sitting way at the bottom of a league, I say always play to win “this year”.

I’d say playoffs would be quite a challenge running darkwa and crowell, so id definietly be ok with making a trade like this, especially when receiving a long term keeper in the deal… Its not even that big of a downgrade for next year.

Do everything you can not to give up a first in a pick swap, but would not be a deal breaker for me.

Thank you.

A little more detail: we have 5 keepers. So our 1st round is essentially a 6th. I have two first rounders so I don’t mind giving up one of them plus DJ for Gurley and a 2nd.

However, I’m just wondering if I should just wait to see how Johnson comes back from the injury this season.