Trading Draft Pick Rules?

Hey! I’m the commissioner of a first year keeper league where you can keep 2 players year to year. We have most of our rules set but are thinking about implementing draft pick trading. Before doing that though I wanted to understand more about the rules that other leagues have. If you trade away a ton of draft picks, do you just pick up FAs at the end of the draft? Is there a supplemental draft? What do you do if you have more draft picks than you do spots on your roster? I’ve seen FAAB penalties for managers that pick up players post draft because they didn’t have draft picks.

Any advice or input would be appreciated!

I think it might depend on which platform you’re using…

I’m also a commish in a 1st year keeper league where we are trading draft picks. It’s on yahoo. Right now its set up to where owners must trade an equal number of draft picks… So when trading picks, you can upgrade your draft position by getting a 3rd rounder for a 5th rounder for example, but you can’t just stockpile extra picks.

Other formats might be different though, hope that helps?

That does help, we’re on ESPN. I wonder if you could set it to require equal draft picks on espn

not sure about ESPN…

on yahoo, I think it was the default setting, and I just left it that way.

I don’t even remember if there were other options… lol there might be.

Yeah we trade even # of draft picks and require anyone who trades picks to pay for the next years league buy-in.


I like the rule that @joeshmoe92 stated above. I quit the 1 keeper league I used to be in bc of one owner trading away a lot of his high picks for the 2 following years. He won, got the cash, and then quit. We couldn’t find a replacement that was willing to take the loss of high draft picks. The league basically fell
Apart after that

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that is a great idea w/ requiring next years league fees! thank you for that!

I do have one owner who has already told me he won’t trade picks because he doesn’t plan to play next year…

We have a policy in my Soccer league that the winner’s entry for the following year is held back from his winnings. Does that make sense?

Might not help with someone quitting, but the money would be there to be won and the new manager would get free entry for a year to compensate for the inheriting a weaker side.