Trading draft picks bet

I have two guys in a 10 man league that agreed to bet their 3rd round pick. The bet was whoever finished the better regular season record would win the bet. Now the loser is saying he should get the winners 4th round pick as compensation for missing the pick but the winner is saying he shouldn’t give up anything. Im leaning toward compensation pick being somewhere in the 6-8 rounds. Thoughts?

If this is a redraft league, I don’t think I would allow draft pick bets as it messes with the draft. Also, if a redraft league, everyone should have the same amount of picks so something definitely needs to be done about it. If I were the commissioner, I would personally tell them the picks stay where they are at and this isn’t allowed.

If you feel something has to be honored so it doesn’t throw off the integrity of the league giving someone 2 - 3rd round picks which isn’t really fair for the entire rest of the league, then I would just settle it by giving the winner the higher of the 3rd round picks and the loser the later pick.

That’s just my 2 cents!