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Trading draft picks in a keeper league

Just curious, how does everyone handle draft pick trading in a keeper league?

I’m in a league that gives a round penalty for keepers, so how could you trade future picks when you won’t know what rounds keepers will fall in the future?

Alternatively, if you’re in a keeper league where everyone sets their keepers without a round penalty before the draft starts, would you treat draft pick trading the same as you would in a dynasty league?

Just wondering what is working for everyone else.

One of the leagues I’m in uses the next round up for a keeper cost if you don’t own a pick in the round where the keeper should be. Eg. Last year I had Mike Evans at a 3rd round cost but due to trades I didn’t have a 3rd. He would cost me my 2nd round pick.

Loophole: I traded my 2nd pick to get a 3rd and another pick later in the draft.