Trading Draft 2 & 4 rd for another 1st?

1 man keeper league. Keeping McCoy as my first round pick. (7/8 spot out of 10). Ive been debating trying to trade a couple of picks for another first rounder to try and grab Julio or Odell. Would it be worth it for a 2nd and 4th round pick? Im not really a fan of drafting Hopkins/Robinson or Jeffrey as my WR1, as in most mocks im going RB RB in first two rounds. Im pretty comfortable grabbing someone like Gillislee or Montgomery/Abdullah as my RB2 if needed.

I think in a keeper league 1st round picks become more valuable. If you think you can grab Odell or Julio with a 1st round pick then I think it’s worth a 2/4 for sure.

Go get that first if you can. Those guys are fantasy game changers.